2017.11.21 - Event

Report on the 2nd ifs Library Talk


On November 15th (Wed.), the 2nd Library Talk was held, and ended in remarkable success.
The “ifs Knowledge Room, Library Talk”, is an exchange event planned/operated by the ifs Knowledge Room, started in 2017FY, as a part of the transmission activities of the “ifs Library” (established at our office entrance).

This time, we invited Ms. Kinue Okado, Chief Editor of the magazine, ‘Tsuru to Hana”, as the guest.

First published in 2014, ‘Tsuru to Hana” is a magazine which listens to stories of “seniors of life”, famous and ordinary people over 70 years old whom are enjoying vigorous daily lives. In these articles in every edition, written through carefully listening to and sharing many hours with many interviewees, surpass any symbolic definition of time such as old or new, depicting an off-the-scale strong way life.

We have asked Ms. Okado, whom manages such a one-and-only magazine, to speak on
“A magazine which takes time in meeting and facing people, production of items/things”.


◆The ifs Library is:
A place to share information, established within the ifs office at the time ifs moved to the 17th floor of the ITOCHU Building at Gaienmae, created with the aim to have clients fully utilize ifs’ knowledge and activities. Focusing on “generations” which is our original knowledge, we comprehensively convey the background and present state of consumer values structuring present markets. Please utilize it to grasp business targets and a way to share information with clients.

◆The ifs Library Talk is:
A casual exchange event for clients and friends of ifs, held at the ifs Library. Inviting knowledgeable guests related to the contents of each session and mixing in results of our latest research, we hold a talk session on shops, brands, media, lifestyles, people, etc., which the Knowledge Room, whom continues to watch over consumer tendencies, is paying attention to, based on the Library’s theme of “generation x how one looks, fashion”. Talk sessions are held while having participants see related magazines and/or books. After the talk session, we hold a social as a place for participants to exchange information and/or mingle.
【sessions: twice a year】