2017.12.19 - Event

Report on the 8th ifs Knowledge Forum

第8回 ナレッジフォーラム実施

On December 13th (Wed.), the “8th ifs Knowledge Forum”, hosted by the itochu fashion system co., ltd. (hereinafter, ifs) Knowledge Room was held.

The “ifs Knowledge Forum” is a special invitation-only seminar with the aim of “making digital x consumption visible”, designed to comprehensively inform participants on consumer tendencies, based on the ifs Knowledge Room’s original classification by generation.

The theme of the 8th forum is,
Looking towards the 2020’s – Summarization and prospects of digital x fashion in 2017-2018

This term, we welcomed Ms. Yoshiko Miyasaka, former Chief Editor of “Elle Online” and “VOGUEGIRL”, present Chief Editor of “DiFa”, a WEB site which connects digital to fashion, and Mr. Tsubasa Koseki, President of STYLER Inc., a company which makes fashion fun through “connections”, and has experience working at an Anglo-Japanese megabank, to summarize business and consumer movements of this past year related to digital x fashion fields, and speak on prospects of directions beyond 2018, utilizing the ifs original classification by generation and other research data.

The “ifs Knowledge Forum” will continue to provide new business opportunities, based on our original classification by generation and consumption activity analysis of consumers.