2018.05.1 - All , FASHION ASPECT

“Branding” will clear the future for regional business

■Formalization of government support towards the creation of regional branding According to the Japan National Tourism Organizati...

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2018.04.2 - All , FASHION ASPECT

Revolution in personalization, made possible by technology

■Personalized supplement “Care/of” Supplements which fits the needs of each individual consumer According to research conducte...

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2018.03.23 - All , 海外レポート

The future of Smart Garments

■Attention gathering smart-garments, which are not gadgets Case 1) Google x Levi’s “Project Jacquard” Google’s next-genera...

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2018.03.6 - All , FASHION ASPECT

Aspects being demanded of business facilities in the metropolitan area

■Developments worth the size of 293 Tokyo Domes by the year 2020 According to the findings of ‘NIKKEI ARCHITECTURE’ (published ...

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2018.02.20 - All , 海外レポート

The new trend in the economy of consumption: 1conomy

*1 Link to related article:https://blog.euromonitor.com/2017/03/households-2030-singletons.html ■”Singles’ consumption” = 1cono...

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2018.02.9 - All , 海外レポート

What is luxury for generation Z?

■Following the millennial generation, the rise of generation Z ■Characteristics of generation Z According to “Pew ...

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2018.02.9 - All , FASHION ASPECT

The influence on orientation of not simply ending as a trend South Korea, popular among young women

Women in their teens/20s: The number 1 country which they “refer to for fashion”, is South Korea According to the research (data...

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2018.02.1 - All , 海外レポート

A new food delivery service favored by the millennial generation

In the background of this is the substantializing of the food delivery market in recent years. In addition to having more diverse...

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