Our Service

Itochu fashion system is a Branding company

“We harness our unique fashion marketing skills as a branding company to offer a broad range of branding services. Drawing on our fashion marketing expertise, including our unique ability to spot trends, our trend analysis and information capabilities and our ability to gather and analyze information on consumers, IFS is able to provide a powerful range of branding activities spanning numerous different fields. We offer a full package of services to help you establish a brand image and bolster the value of your company or products, from research and strategic design all the way through to solutions. “

Fashion Marketing Inteligence Fashion Marketing Intelligence

  • Research & Strategic Planning
  • Consumer lifestyle trends
  • Global fashion trends
  • Street fashion trends
  • Local / area trends
  • Business trends
  • Marketing consultancy

Reserch and Strategy Planning Research & Strategic Planning

  • Consumer visual and value analysis
  • Market trend analysis
  • Product and point-of-contact analysis
  • Strategic marketing planning

Point of Contact Developement Point-of-Contact Development

  • Store development support
  • VMD support
  • Promotion development support
  • Website development support
  • Establishing e-commerce

Establishing Business Alliances Establishing Business Alliances

  • Planning alliance models
  • Selecting partners
  • Negotiations and concluding contracts

Brand Developement Support Brand Development Support

  • Brand Development Support
  • VI development, CI development
  • Concept development
  • MD direction

Product Developement Support Product Development Support

  • Direction
  • Product planning
  • Product approval
  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design
  • Product procurement
  • Quality checks

Global Network Global Network

  • Gathering information on overseas markets
  • Overseas brand sourcing
  • Support for setting up overseas stores
  • Coordinating with creative staff
  • Overseas communication