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From a local zoo and botanical garden, to national Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Having tied a branding strategy partnership with Nagoya City Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens, itochu fashion system co., ltd., is presently developing their license business.

Our mission, is to raise acknowledgement of the Nagoya City Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens to a national level. To accomplish this, we are busily engaged in supporting the development of a character (Zoobo) for the zoo & botanical gardens to act as a messenger, support in product development, support in developing sales channels outside the garden, and support in finding PR license partners for effective exposure of Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens, etc. The animals being kept at Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens are truly unique. Of the various animals and plants owned by Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens, the “too-handsome gorilla”, “Shabani”, and the “sounds too-much like an old man”, “Keiji-kun” (Siamang) are especially unique. From here-on, with the aim to raise the level of acknowledgement of both the Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens and Keiji-kun, we intend to develop goods/PR licenses, utilizing “Keiji-kun” and his “sounds too-much like an old man” voice, which will make people smile, and at times, even heal people.

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◆About Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Opened in 1937, welcomed its 80th anniversary in 2017.
Located at Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, it prides the second largest number of visitors among all Zoo & Botanical Gardens in Japan.
On the grounds, a zoo, botanical garden and Higashiyama Sky Tower is annexed.
They keep approximately 500 unique animals, from koalas, giraffes, elephants which are popular to the locals, to Shabani, Keiji-kun, beautiful-lady snow leopard “Lianne”, even Japanese rice fish.